We host a varied forms of workshops for the corporates and community gatherings. Few to mention are Team-building, Stress busters, Introspective, Festival celebrations, Wall painting Murals etc These workshops are tailor made according to the needs of our clients. However you can count on Catharsis team for being flexible in making customized events, always come prepared with all the required materials and High quality service.

All our programs have proven techniques. There is no prerequisites for our workshops of drawing and painting skills. The participants will be enabled to express with confidence and excitement.

Catharsis workshops

Catharsis Retreats– Introspect, Connect, Explore and Create!!!

It is a 2 days and 1 night stay retreat program. Hosted in a quite serene place away from the city. This retreat program host a string of activities with different modalities like Dance and Movement, Painting Feelings, Sharing and listening circle, Painting life, Guest Facilitator Session, Mind Map / Vision Board, Healing and Meditation.

Catharsis Art Workshop– Introspective Workshop (Gift yourself a day of peace)

It is 1 day workshop 6 to 7hrs. Hosted in a quite serene place or in studio spaces. This workshop helps the participants to Introspect their life and release all the past stress if any or have a joyful journey of looking into the present through art and healing and attain peacefulness while creating artworks.

Mural Workshops – Inhale Possibility Exhale Creativity

How would it be like to walk past a wall of Meraki at your place? Be it office or home. When you transform them with a feast of colors while giving your employees/ community an incredible team-building experience. Exploring the possibility of painting being inspired by different artist’s around the world or co-create your own theme. The possibility is endless.

Paint Parties – Lets Go Play colors!!!

If you are looking for a fun and engaging way to entertain guests or you just want to learn painting we are here to make it happen. We have the experiences you can count on. Our paint party workshops are fun, there is loads of paint, music, chit chat over a cup of tea and take home an amazing work of Art.

Catharsis Gallery

Happy Clients

Vidya Veeresh
Director ESVE Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Jaisimha Jaithirth
Director Chrysaalis I_Maths India Pvt Ltd.

Richard Alexander
Founder, Young World Leader Program

Dancer/ Coach

Mirra Arun
Contemporary Dancer / Yoga Coach

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