Welcome to Catharsis Workshops and Retreats!

Fun, Introspective and transformative experiences for individuals and companies.

We use Art, Mindfulness and other creative modalities in our workshops.

These workshops results in mutual trust and friendship with oneself and team.
It adds flow of creativity in various forms.

Testimonials From Our Clients

B R Manjunath

Sr Engineer - TARGET

I had been looking for something to help me work through some of the challenges I was facing within my life, without it being all about talking and cognitive behavior therapy or counselling. I felt that Catharsis was a unique way to understand more about the troubles I was facing. Things came forth in a way that surprised me and by giving an image or colour to hard-to-speak truths was very freeing. Reflecting back on the sessions I had. I can see how the seed of hope and truth that was given a place of being seen has helped in lots of little ways to improve my outlook and successes in everyday life....

I felt that I was able to, in a fun and creative way tap into a deeper consciousness, of the sub conscious parts of myself. A space to get curious,and see what reveals itself. It’s too transformative and profound to put into words.

Ranjini and Sunitha were great facilitator for Catharsis. Ranjini has a grounded strong presence, and her art therapy work is potent.

Sunitha has a real gift at holding space, of creating a safe and authentic environment to express.


Teacher at EDIFY School.

Personally catharsis was experiencing myself and my identity and undergoing a process with lovely hearted people (Sunitha and Ranjini) who guided me to gain my confidence and to find my innermost strength to overcome any obstacle which I come across. Thank you CATHARSIS and Team.


Program Manager, ISRO HQ

Retreat was a great experience. A totally different approach of blockage removals from your inner conscious. I was attached so much to my mother during that time who was not keeping well. I couldn't come out of the state of mind. After attending to this new method of strengthening yourself, I was little better. One can really get to know the feel on experiencing by attending Retreat program.

I am thankful to Retreat team.

Wish the Retreat team all the best in their innovative approaches.

Saba NuryeAbera

Primary Leader, Young World Leader Program, Ethiopia

Hello beautiful people. I love the poem, it's a nice reflection about life. I was happy to have the privilege to participate in the Catharsis workshop. The value I got is to express myself, my feeling and to release the past or accept my past. I learn how to provide value for people and connecting their hearts. I'm grateful to have Sunitha in my life and grateful for meeting you all.


Product Manager, Synamedia

Catharsis! When Ranjini n Sunita invited me for the workshop; first I went and looked up the meaning and it was curiosity about how art can be used as a medium of therapy that drove me to the workshop. Art for me is geometrical shapes and mostly that. The soothing music and the ambience was perfect to begin the day filled with colors....

Strangers became friends instantly and we were all given a free hand to express our emotions on a plain drawing sheet. Usually emoticons is the only way for expressions these days. The fact that I could put up something without knowing art and able to express my emotions via vibrant and subtle colors was an exhilarating morning.

An analogy “if what happens at each step of our life and answering the one question...Can you accept who you are?” was key takeaway for me.

Thanks Ranjini and Sunita, it was a beautiful and meaningful day helping me realize and release unwanted thoughts using Art as a medium since then I am conscious of my thoughts and energy that will influence my family, my colleagues and my entire ecosystem.

Try it to believe in it..!!!Recommend to everyone who wants to explore their potential. Overcome negativity and live life in exuberance!!